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An evolutionary step in fiber solids removal from process water, the Rotary Drum Microfilter ensures the separation of fibers from water. Filter fabric can be selected to accomplish fast rates of filtration or to clarify water so that only very minute particles remain. Water can be clarified to use in place of fresh water on mill showers or as a final clarification before mill effluent discharge. The Rotary Drum Microfilter is often used after existing Disc Savealls and DAFs, or as upgrade replacements for these units.
  • Fine filtration, water clarification, raw material recovery depending on the application.
  • Controlled max size of solid particles for fine filtration application.
  • Simple machine, compact design, complete stainless steel construction.
  • No vacuum required, no drop legs allows ease of installation locations.
  • Large filtering area due to V-shaped filtering cloth profile.
  • Polyester shrinkable filtering cloth mounted on the metallic frame of the rotating drum.
  • Filtering cloth available at openings as fine as 10 microns, selection depends on the application and expected results.
  • Inside and outside continuous clean showers prevent buildup.
  • Modular design for customized sizing.

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