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The pulp and papermaking operation is all about diluting and thickening, many times and for many different operations, that finally results in the fiber characteristics and process needed to meet final product standards. The operations that dilute and thicken also introduce variability into the process and that affects the homogeneity of the stock and how it reacts at each subsequent operation. Key parameters must be measured if they are to be controlled and the most critical parameter that must be controlled is consistency.
Tecumseth represents the entire line of Valmet consistency transmitters – blade, rotary, microware and optical – for any and every solids measurement from very heavy to very light. The Valmet technologies are well known for their stability, reliability and longevity and Tecumseth will provide the expertise required to ensure they are properly positioned, installed and commissioned.

Once a very stable stock flow is established ahead of the paper machine, it is up to the basis weight valve to regulate stock flow to the desired setpoint. The key elements in this control are the ability to make very finite adjustments in flow so that no more fiber or filler is delivered than necessary and that when changes are requested, those adjustments are made very quickly. The new NelesACE basis weight valve is a disruptive product because of its design that drastically changes the capability of any previously basis weight valve and has been designed for ease of change-out, ease of maintenance, ease of handling and ease of use. These valves have just been introduced to the market after about two years of beta testing that have proven its value and performance.

Valmet SP – Blade Transmitter
Valmet Rotary – Rotating Transmitter
Valmet MCA – Microwave Transmitter
Valmet OC – Optical Transmitter For Low Consistency
Valmet ACE - Basis Weight Control Valve

Valmet MCA
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