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The pulp and paper industry depends on consistent flow of stock to ensure the even development of fiber properties. Stock consistency affects most operations, including washing, bleaching, refining, blending and additives addition in order to achieve final product quality and the ability to reproduce paper characteristics from run to run.

Consistency transmitters are integral to all of these operations and a variety of measurement technologies are required to provide useful and repeatable values.
Consistency is an inferred measurement because it is not a direct physical property, and that complicates the challenge to provide a meaningful value.

Tecumseth represents the entire line of Valmet consistency transmitters – blade, rotary, microware and optical – for any and every solids measurement from very heavy to very light.
The Valmet technologies are well known for their stability, reliability and longevity and Tecumseth will provide the expertise required to ensure they are properly positioned, installed and commissioned.
These technologies are all in advanced phases of evolution and have achieved the status of providing unquestioned ability. Valmet consistency transmitters are the industry standard.
  • Valmet SP – blade transmitter
  • Valmet Rotary – rotating transmitter
  • Valmet MCA – microwave transmitter
  • Valmet OC – optical transmitter for low consistency
  • Valmet TS – wastewater sludge solids transmitter

MetsoSP             MetsoMCA
Valmet TS                       Valmet MCA
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