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Modern Paper machines bring high expectations on auxiliary equipment such as pulpers. Low energy consumption in combination with high capacities is a big challenge.

Cellwood Machinery is a world leader in pulper design and dispersing systems. Grubbens pulper designs include every possible application and configuration that is required for all pulping needs. The Grubbens vertical Pulper and S-Rotor allows for a high operating consistency in both batch and continuous operation for bales, broke and wet strength applications. The Grubbens horizontal pulpers are low energy consumers and can be designed for any mill location. Their S-rotors have been designed for high consistency performance with low energy consumption. The G-rotor design generates optimum performance without the need for strainer plates.

Pulper Rebuilds

Cellwood also rebuilds pulpers using the well established Grubbens expertise to provide cost effective solutions that address mill capacity, energy, throughput and maintenance issues. A Grubbens rebuild will provide a large increase in capacity while lowering energy usage, improving pulp quality and reducing maintenance costs.

Grubbens Pulper           Grubbens Pulper           Pulper Rebuild
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