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Dewatering of stock for subsequent pulping operations is a critical part of system efficiency and pulp quality. The Krima Screw Dewaterer by Cellwood is built on many years of dewatering experience. Development and evolution has included ongoing improvements to function, reliability and service.

The Krima Screw Dewaterer can treat fibre suspensions up to a consistency of 20%. It is used for dewatering of: screen rejects; cleaner rejects; knots; semi-chemical pulp; waste paper fibre; chemi-mechanical pulp; fibre sludge; and high-yield pulp.

The Krima Screw Press is a highly developed unit that operates with a pneumatically controlled cone and a tapered screw core. The pneumatic system provides easy means for controlling the back-pressure to achieve the required solids content. The Krima Screw Presses are particularly well-suited for dewatering following an inclined screen or other primary dewatering unit and will produce outlet pulp consistency of up to 35%.

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