Equipment & services to improve
Tecumseth represents a full line of dewatering and fabric conditioning equipment produced by CVN Vooner, one of the most progress and reliable companies with a long history of serving the pulp and paper industry.
The CVN Vooner showers and actuators are well known throughout the paper industry and have long been regarded as the best-available technologies. These products, technologies and services include:

DolphinTM Shower Actuator & Oscillator
RolltechTM Shower Actuator & Oscillator
General MorganTM Shower Actuator & Oscillator (formerly SRA-2000)
SRA-5000TM Shower Actuator & Oscillator
ShendoahTM Showers for Paper Machines
Auto Brush
CrockettTM Suction and Uhle Boxes – single, double & triple slot
OspreyTM Gravity Strainer
Cooling Tower for Vacuum Sealing Water
Vacuum Feasibility Study – testing of all vacuum pumps and survey of vacuum services to determine efficiencies and opportunities for improving vacuum performance and reducing energy usage.
Unloader Pump
Vacuum Separation Systems
Vacuum System Reliability Audit
Wear Surfaces – Felt-SaverTM Wear Strips, Seam-SaverTM Covers, Herringbone Suction Box Covers, Custom Strips & Covers

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