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Papermakers everywhere have been moving over to use blades from The Yellow Box Guys at Clouth. In particular, there has been broad acceptance with tissue and board manufacturers, along with growing acceptance at light weight publishing and newsprint mills.

Tecumseth’s hands-on approach to working with customers on each installation provides that extra level of comfort on blade selection. Our surveys ensure your blade holders are healthy and properly positioned – both of these are critical components of installation satisfaction.

"We feel that the Clouth Doctoring products; both blades and HS1 holder have been instrumental in improving the cleanliness and productivity of our Paper Machine" Mr. Eric Faulkner, PM Superintendent, New Forest Products

I also installed one of your blades in the bottom wire breast roll ….. our wet end break frequency has dropped ….. to under 1 per day ….. you will see anorder for more blades…” Newsprint Machine Manager

The results are clear:
- Reduced annual spending on your doctor blades
- Better Paper Machine efficiencies
- Better quality Paper and Board because of Clouth Products

Clouth Sprenger Coating and Creping Blades
- Critical expertise in creping blade applications
- Solutions for all dryer coatings

Tecumseth Performance Support
- Application reviews
- No cost machine audits
- Installation recommendations and adjustments

Clouth HS-1           
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