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Recognized as the best system available for dispersing waxes, hot melts, bitumen, stickies, laser ink as well as heavy colours, the Krima Dispersing System excels at making these contaminants effectively disappear.

The Krima Hot Dispersing System is Cellwood Machinery’s solution to optimize the performance, flexibility and operating cost on varying degrees of raw material and required results. It has a capability to operate at temperatures up to 120°C (248°F). As the most advanced system, the Krima Hot Dispersing System produces the best dispersing result for all kinds of dispersible contaminants in waste paper.

Retention time through the system is 2 minutes which is enough for in-line bleaching and a high reduction of spores and bacteria in the pulp. Discharge of the Krima Screw Press KSR does not need to be pressurized as the downstream Krima Plug Screw is designed to seal the system.

The Krima Compact Dispersing System is a non-pressurized system with capability to operate at temperatures up to 95°C (203°F). Retention time in the heating zone is 20–30 seconds. This unit is typically followed by a Krima Screw Press KSR equipped with automatic torque control to ensure a highly uniform discharge consistency. The design also allows existing dewatering equipment to be used.

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