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Rotary Press optimization is also a final critical step to cost control and dewatering sludge. However, compared to centrifuge operation, rotary press control is not nearly as critical for generating value because of the stability of this equipment.

The key component to minimizing polymer usage is to have effective measurement of certain process parameters and the ability to regulate their operation.

Operation of the rotary press will remain stable through changing inlet solids but the amount of polymer required is determined by the flow and solids of the inlet sludge.

Process Measurement:
  • Inlet solids – metsoTS microwave solids transmitter
  • Inlet pressure – pressure transmitter and control
  • Polymer flow – flow meter
  • Filtrate solids/turbidity – metsoLS
Control Parameters:
  • Rotary Press speed – through the VFD
  • Inlet flow – control throughput a valve or pump
  • Polymer rate of addition – to maximize filtrate clarity, cake solids
The more uniform the solids feed into the centrifuge, the more stable is the centrifuge operation and higher throughput can be obtained at a consistently high cake solids.
Polymer addition is required to get good water removal from the feed sludge but polymer addition has a point of diminishing returns where the more that is added, the less effective it is at flocculating the solids and enabling the centrifuge to produce the desired solids in the cake.