Dewatering and
Water Clarification Expertise
Where shower nozzles plug because the water being used contains solids, including fiber or large particle sizes, a continuous operation solution that provides long term, trouble-free performance is the ideal solution.
The Ospreytm Gravity Strainer is designed to strain large amounts of "white water", or water with large amounts of suspended solids. These units are ideal for applications where the concentration and flows are too high for pressurized filters.

The key reasons why the Osprey should be part of your operation are:
  • No trapping or driving solids through screen openings, no backwash.
  • Fibers that ‘staple’ are continuously removed by bottom up spray showers.
  • Easy visual performance inspection and infrequent maintenance. (1-2/years)
  • Performance is fine tuned with the variable speed motor to adjust concentration or flow rate.
  • Self-contained modular unit is easy to install.
  • Small floor space compared to many inline strainers.

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