Dewatering and
Water Clarification Expertise
Fully automated and unattended filter press operation delivers the highest possible solids that can be gained through pressurized water removal.
The FullAutotm Filter Press has been installed and proven on some of the largest dewatering applications in the world. Whether it is biological sludge, industrial chemicals, food processing or sand and gravel, the FullAuto Filter Press continuously delivers high solids cake without the need for operator oversight or participation. The robotic actions ensure cake is fully removed, the plates and cloths are cleaned and the unit is ready for the next batch.

Each unit is sized to deliver the performance required – cake density, filtrate clarity, cycle time – and includes all the equipment necessary to feed, discharge and remove the separated materials. No polymers are required for most slurries. Operator protection is ensured and additional corrosion protection is provided where deemed necessary. The FullAuto Filter Press handles abrasive materials easily.

Some of the key features include:
  • 24/7 performance without operator intervention
  • Integration into continuous process control operations
  • Simple, robust and very reliable
  • High performance cake dryness
  • Municipal and industrial applications
  • Individual plate weighing to ensure discharge
  • Individual plate shaking to discharge sticky materials
  • Automated core blower to clean material flow chamber
  • Automated wash system cleans plates and cloths
  • Cloths guaranteed for 2500 cycles for most applications
Also available are conveyors, transfer pumps, dosage pumps, agitators, flocculation tanks, settlement tanks, reactors or large solids pre-filter systems.

Fournier offers no cost sludge/slurry sample testing in their lab to project the solids and filtration rate that can be obtained and the sizing of equipment that would be needed for any operation. A FullAuto Filter Press mobile unit is available for site testing to determine the actual performance that can be expected and to demonstrate the entire system operation.

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