Dewatering and
Water Clarification Expertise
The Faure Filter Press fulfills the objective of processing sludge into clarified water and high solids cake, regardless of the type of solids to be dewatered. Through hundreds of installations, this very old technology has evolved and been refined to deliver exceptional dewatering and provide ease of operation with long term reliability. Whether the need is for infrequent daily operation or continuous cycles through the operating period, the Filter Press provides consistent performance.
The Faure Filter Press feeds slurry at high pressure into the chamber between the recessed plates and the filter cloths that are specifically selected to provide the rate of dewatering, cake solids and filtrate clarity desired. A mechanical closing and opening of the plates can be provided for ease of operation. This includes a safety feature that requires an operator to have both hands safely away from the plates through the closing function. If required, cloth plates can be washed in-situ or easily removed to a washing station.

Each Faure Filter Press is designed for the application and processing requirements. Plate size, number of plates, cloth specifications, pumping requirements and frame sizing are all closely calculated.

The Faure Filter Press is now designed, manufactured and marketed in North America by Fournier Industries of Thetford Mines QC.

Samples of sludge are lab tested at no cost to determine what results can be expected from the Faure Filter Press. A mobile unit can be brought to site to process sludge for actual performance determination.

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