Equipment & services to improve
Tecumseth represents quality products that improve operational performance. We support these products with knowledgeable service to ensure application effectiveness. Tecumseth product and application innovation contributes to your sustainability.
Monitoring & Quality
Stock Measurement & Regulation
Deliver the right amount of furnish to the headbox for Basis Weight management: Reliable Consistency; Accurate Regulation. >> More
Level and Pressure Transmitters
Robust Level and Pressure Transmitters where tiny differences in machine set-up significantly impact runnability and quality. >> More
A continuous chip moisture measurement to improve digester operation and cooking liquor dosage. >> More
Event Capture Systems
Sheet monitoring with cutting edge digital technology and analysis. High resolution cameras with LED lights: Low Energy; High Frame Rate; OTS Components; Plug and Play; Mobile Capability
>> More
Doctor Blades and Holders
Doctor blandes and holders to improve machine performance >> More
Paper Machine Rolls
Breast rolls; suction rolls; press, felt, bowed and calender rolls; reel spools. Sheet development and transfer: Quality Designed; Every Position; Unmatched Reliability >> More
Edge Drying System
Modular addition for positional drying as needed. Infrared drying supplements dryers: Maximize Sheet Trim; Remove Persistent Streaks; Improve Sheet Quality >> More
Machine Clothing Conditioning
Performance designed fabric cleaning showers and Uhle boxes. Sustain water removal performance: Extend Felt Life; Maximize Water Removal; Reduce Filling >> More
Improve quality and reduce slitting problems with this manual or automatic winder system that minimizes set-up time and maintenance effort. >> More
Fibre Development
Modern Paper machines bring high expectations on auxiliary equipment such as pulpers. Low energy consumption in combination with high capacities is a big challenge. >> More
An optimized pulping system includes the Grubbens centrifugal pumps for transportation of liquids with variable consistency, or liquids containing air bubbles and lumps. >> More
Pulping systems that remove rejects and contaminants generate quality stock.
>> More
Deflakers are used for separating fibres in broke systems, virgin pulp systems and waste handling.
>> More
Pulp Processing
Dewatering of stock for subsequent pulping operations is a critical part of system efficiency and pulp quality. 
>> More
Recognized as the best system available for dispersing waxes, hot melts, bitumen, stickies, laser ink as well as heavy colours. >> More
Fibre development and contaminant dispersing is completed with an integrated system that includes bleaching as part of the recycled paper system.
>> More
The best refining results are achieved when the inlet consistency is between 20 and 35%. >> More
‘No excuses’ consistency transmitters for high machine efficiency. Low to high solids technologies: Microwave; Rotary; Blade; Light  >> More
Sludge Compaction
Make higher solids cake from sludge and effluent. Upgrade belt presses and save: Energy, Maintenance, Operator Time
>> More
Vacuum System Elements
Vacuum pumps, Uhle boxes, Suction box covers, Shower Systems. Increase water removal performance: Pump Rebuilds; New Vacuum Pumps; Vacuum System Studies; Upgrade Covers, Foils and Lubrication Showers >> More
Water Clarification
Rotary Drum Microfilter for superclear filtrate. Reuse process water & recover fiber: Save Energy; Reduce Water; Improve WTP Performance
>> More
Plant Solutions and Studies
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