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automation resources
Tecumseth strives for excellence. We measure our performance by how well the products we represent perform. Our mantra of “Measure – Control – Optimize” represents the opportunity available through the knowledgeable application of process control.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization
The first step to improving wastewater treatment plant performance is to give operators greater visibility through accurate solids measurement The next step is to automate the operation of the key process variables There are many possible controls for process variables and Tecumseth can provide guidance and implementation services that will ensure success.                                           >> More
Rotary Press Optimization
Over-use of polymer is a constant issue in most plant operations. Regulating its usage is a multivariable problem that can be optimized through advanced control. Tecumseth has a solution waiting for implementation in processes where the Fournier Rotary Press is installed.                         >> More
Centrifuge Optimization
Centrifuge operations are often easily upset by factors that affect its operation. Unfortunately the operating variables are interactive and could upset each other as well as the centrifuge. Fortunately, the interactions can be captured and included in a multivariable control strategy that will stabilize operations, provide optimal throughput and maintain minimal cost of polymer addition.                     >> More
Plant Performance Program
The Tecumseth team will work with plant personnel to identify variability issues that are affecting performance issues such as product quality, throughput and cost. Our extensive experience in capturing and identifying process variability through our hands-on approach has huge implications for performance.                 >> More