Dewatering and
Water Clarification Expertise
Tecumseth delivers large gains in environmental process performance. Our measurement and dewatering technologies, together with our depth of application expertise, have proven to be highly successful.
Water Clarification
Mechanical separation of fiber from water – save fiber, clarify water
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Water Conditioning
Where shower nozzles plug because the water being used contains solids, including fiber or large particle sizes, a continuous operation solution that provides long term, trouble-free performance is the ideal solution.
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Sludge Compaction To Cake
Sludge Pressing to Cake
Consolidate industrial and municipal sludge into easily handled solid material
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Dewater sludge to very high solids using high pressure plate and frame filter pressing that is well suited to smaller applications and manual operation. 
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Fully automated and unattended filter press operation delivers the highest possible solids that can be gained through pressurized water removal. 
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Huge changes are occurring with solids management in wastewater treatment operations when new measurement devices provide insight that was not possible until now. >> More
With the introduction of online solids measurement wastewater treatment operations are experiencing greater than 50% reduction in polymer cost.
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Plant Solutions and Studies
Mill process studies using pilot plant equipment to quantify results