Tecumseth Environmental
Dewatering and
Water Clarification Expertise
Clarity and re-use of water and wastewater has the highest priority across industry and municipal organizations. Tecumseth Environmental products are innovative technologies that provide outstanding results by contributing to the process operations that treat water resources. Whether for municipal wastewater treatment, industrial process water re-use or solids recovery, Tecumseth has products and expertise that will impress.
Tecumseth Performance
Equipment & services
to improve performance
At Tecumseth we represent companies that provide only the highest quality products. We have over 20 years of experience supplying such products to the Pulp and Paper industry. Tecumseth Performance offers these products combined with a high level of service and process expertise. Our customers understand and appreciate that Tecumseth will continue to provide performance improvement.
Tecumseth Optimal
Optimize your
automation resources
Process control and automation for operations are designed and built to industry norms. Seldom do operators and their support staff have the experience or resources necessary to take the performance of these operations to the highest level of performance. Tecumseth Optimal can improve performance through control – either by optimizing the existing measurement and control elements or by improving those elements so that additional performance can be obtained.
MISSION: Create solutions for our Clients that resolves their problems using our products and services.
VISION: Lead the industry with innovative solutions that meet and exceed our client's expectations.